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SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager Help (2019)

Asset Information Management
SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)

Allows you to specify the database type and location. The required information on this page changes slightly according to the database type selected.

Use existing database - Allows you to use an existing database or to create a new Oracle tablespace/SQL Server database file.

  • Check the option to use an existing database.

  • Clear the option to create a new Oracle tablespace or to create a new SQL Server physical database file and log file.

Database type - Select Oracle or SQL Server.

Oracle alias (Oracle) - Type the Oracle Net alias of the server to host this license server.

Site database server (SQL Server) - Type the name of the Microsoft database server.

System user - Type the name of the Oracle or SQL Server user who has privileges to create SmartPlant Foundation or SmartPlant Basic Integrator users. This box is disabled if you are using an existing database.

If using a SQL Server database, you can select the Use Windows authentication option to use the logged-in credentials of the user instead of supplying a system user to connect to SQL Server.