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  1. Right-click a WBS project folder on the WBS tab in the Workspace Explorer, and select Create WBS Item.

  2. On the Create WBS Item dialog box, specify a name for the new WBS item, and set the properties as needed.

    General Tab (WBS Item Properties Dialog Box)

  3. Click OK.

    The new WBS item is created in the Workspace Explorer hierarchy.

  • The Exclusive property controls whether objects can belong to more than one WBS item that has the same type and purpose.

  • All WBS items of the same type and purpose in a given project must have the same settings for the Exclusive property.

  • The WBS Assignment property controls the behavior of the Assign to WBS command. For example, you can define properties that allow you to use the system or assembly hierarchy to automatically assign objects to the WBS item.

  • When a WBS item is created in Smart 3D, the following properties are set to read-only: WBS Parent and Correlation Status. After a WBS item has an assigned object, the following properties become read-only: Exclusive and WBS Assignment.

  • You can undo the creation of a new WBS item.

  • You can copy and paste a new WBS item.