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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2017)

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Administration & Configuration
2017 (5.0)
2016 (6.0)

Smart Construction security uses the SmartPlant Foundation security model to control access to and operation of project data in Smart Construction. Smart Construction administrators must configure and manage security through user roles and access groups in SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client.

The SmartPlant Foundation security model is a flexible mechanism to control role-based user access to data and the operations that can be performed on that data.

The security model is comprised of:

  • Users

  • Roles, domains, and access groups

  • Configurations

  • Role assignments

A user is assigned a role in a configuration. Roles are related to access groups, which control access to the different components of the system.

The security model controls user access to:

  • Application modules

  • Menus and toolbars

  • Shortcut menu commands

  • Relationship manipulation and navigation

The SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client is used to configure the security model by creating and relating security objects. No additional schema modeling of classes, interfaces, or relationship definitions is required.

Once the security access model is designed, the various levels of access are modeled by creating access groups and relating them to roles. The access groups are related to the relevant methods, interfaces, and view definitions to which they grant access.

Smart Construction is delivered with several default roles, access groups, and configurable GUI items, which are loaded with the default Smart Construction administrative files. For information about Smart Construction default roles, see Create and manage role assignments. For more information on delivered access groups, see Configure access groups. For more information on Smart Construction users, see Create Smart Construction users. For more information on configurable GUI items, see Update and configure items on the Smart Construction interface.

To configure Smart Construction security, you must create users, configure roles of users, then assign or relate the new user to access groups using the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client.

For more information about the configuration and components of the SmartPlant Foundation Security Model, see How to Configure the Security Model.