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In order to see a project data system in the Import Project Data window in Smart Construction, the access group SPC_ScheduleUpdate (or the access group assigned to the user who is allowed to use this feature) must be associated with the project data system object. For new sites created with version 2017 and later, in order to see the Primavera SDK and Primavera Web Services data sources, you need to associate them with the appropriate access group. For more information on access groups, see Configure access groups.

  1. Log on to Smart Construction as an administrator.

  2. Click Administration > Import Project Data.

  3. In the Import Project Data window, select a system name in the System Name box.

  4. Click Settings .

  5. Edit your project settings for the project data system, and then click OK.

    • Use the Browse dialog box to navigate to the Microsoft Excel workbook that contains the project data you want to load or the XML file that contains the Primavera schedule you want to load.

    • Confirm the schedule settings for your schedule system.

  6. Using the table in the Import Project Data window, select the objects from the file that you want to load into your Smart Construction database.

    • The grid displays the contents of the input source. If a Microsoft Excel workbook contains multiple sheets, each sheet appears in the window as a separate tab of the table.

    • For each item found in the input source, the Action column indicates which process is needed to synchronize the data file with the database.

    • Use the options in the Quick Selection pane for fast navigation and selection of your data.

  7. Select the check boxes by the items to be added to the database, modified in the database, or removed from the database.

    Select the check box in the Name column to apply all changes to the object. You can select individual check boxes for an object to apply specific changes to that object.

  8. Click Process.

  • This process creates a new SmartPlant Foundation design document and attaches an XML file that includes the content of the selected data file. The document name is [System Name]_[Service Name]. This document cannot be checked out. It is managed by Smart Construction and exists in the CURRENT state.

  • If your import project data file is large in size, you can configure IIS to process large file sizes. For more information, see Configure IIS to process large files.

  • For more information on the Import project data window, see Learn more about the Import Project Data window.

  • If you remove a CWP from your project data but the CWP is associated with an IWP, the CWP cannot be deleted.