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You can export project schedule information from Smart Construction, including the relationships created in the Work Package Schedule window, to an XML file that you can import to your external scheduling system, such as Primavera P6. For more information on importing your schedule into Primavera P6, see Importing your schedule to Primavera P6 from Smart Construction.

If you set up your project configuration data in Smart Construction using the Project Configuration workbook, the WBSPath value is required if you plan to export your schedule data from Smart Construction and import it into Primavera P6. For more information, see Import project configuration data into Smart Construction.

  1. In Smart Construction, click Administration on the Smart Construction Standard Toolbar.

  2. Select Export Schedule to open the Schedule Export dialog box.

  3. Select a level of detail to export.

  4. Click Filter CWPs.

  5. Select which CWPs you want to export.

    If you filter CWPs, use the search criteria to narrow your results. Only those CWPs are exported.

  6. Click Export Options.

  7. Select Include WBS hierarchy.

  8. Select your schedule system source from the Use WBS hierarchy from list.

  9. Type or browse to a file name and location in the Export File Location box.

    If you export your schedule from Smart Construction and import it into Primavera P6, the file name specified in the Smart Construction Export file location box is used as the Project Name and the ProjectID in Primavera P6. For example, if you name your schedule ExampleProject in the Smart Construction Export file location box, the Project Name in Primavera P6 is ExampleProject, and the Project ID in Primavera P6 is ExampleProject-1.

  10. Select Export crew as resource to export crew details if you select to export schedule data at an IWP level.

    You can export named crews only. For more information, see Configure System Settings for Smart Construction. See Importing your schedule to Primavera P6 from Smart Construction for more information on how to import crews into Primavera P6 software.

  11. Click Export on the Schedule Export dialog box to export the schedule to an XML file.

  12. Import the XML file to your external schedule system. For more information, see the documentation of your external scheduling system.