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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2017)

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You must set up the Materials Site API for Smart Construction in SmartPlant Materials.

  1. In SmartPlant Materials, navigate to the A.20.12 screen.

  2. Click the Integrator tab.

  3. Select the record with the Parameter ZI_SITEAPI.

  4. Verify that the Value option for the record with Parameter ZI_SITEAPI contains the value Y.

  5. If the Value option does not contain the value Y, then select the option and press F9 to bring up the list of values window.

  6. Select Y Site API is Activated. Click OK.

  7. Press F10 to store the record.

  8. Navigate to the A.20.06.02 screen.

  9. Press F8 to populate the form.

  10. Scroll to your Materials User and your Project.

  11. Verify that the Use for APIs option is selected, which means the Site API for SmartPlant Materials is enabled.

    If the Active option is not selected, select the option to enable the Site API for SmartPlant Materials.

For more information, see Using the Site API Guide delivered with SmartPlant Materials.