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After creating the connection and query objects, you need to create the filter object. You can then connect the filter object to the connection and query objects using the New External Data Filter form.

  1. Log on to SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client as an administrator.

  2. Click Smart Construction > New > Administration > External Data Filter to open the New External Data Filter form.

  3. Type a name for the new data filter in the Name box.

    The name displays in the Smart Construction Available Filters list in a 3D model or 2D drawing.

  4. Type a description of the new data filter in the Description box.

  5. Type the mapping to connect the data returned to the Smart Construction schema object property in the Mapping box. The mapping string is in the format of <interface name>@<property name>@<query field name>.

    For example, a mapping for a spool external filter could be IObject@Name@Spool_No.

    If you are returning multiple fields in your query, separate multiple items with #, as seen in the following format:

    <interface name>@<property name>@<query field>#<interface name>@<property name>@<query field name>.

  6. Select a connection object for the data filter to use in the Connection box.

  7. Select the query object to use for this data filter in the Query box.

  8. Type a name in the Filter subcategory box to display the external filter in a subcategory in the Available Filters list in Smart Construction. If no subcategory is defined, the external filter displays in the External Data category in the client.

  9. Click Apply or Finish to save the external data filter information.