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You can update and revise a component register to add or edit tag items. When you run a new version of a component register and load the register output file into your Smart Construction site, the register design document loads with the new revision number in the Current state. The previous revision is Superseded.

When you generate a revision of a component register, you must specify the same document name as the previous revision in the Document Name box on the Main tab of the component register template. Using the same name ensures that the document is retrieved as a new version of the existing document in Smart Construction.

You must specify the revision number in the Document Revision box on the Main tab of the component register template. The revision number must be higher than the revision number of the document that exists in the Smart Construction site. Revision numbers must be specified in sequential order. Smart Construction uses the major values of the RevNum revision scheme for registers. You must type 01, 02, or another numerical value in the DocumentRevision Value box (if any other value is entered, it causes the register to not run properly).