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You can customize the material mappings for your project by editing the tables in the mapping template.

For information and assistance in customizing the material mapping template for your project, please contact Intergraph Customer Support (

  1. Open the SP Material Mappings.xlsm workbook. (Browse to the Templates folder in the installation location, or check out the Material Mappings configuration document from the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client.)

  2. Enable the macro content for the workbook.

  3. Edit the SP Material Mappings.xlsm file.

  4. Save your changes in the workbook file.

  5. Open the Main tab of the workbook, click Generate SP Material Mapping to generate the XML mapping to be used.

  6. Verify the XML file is generated.

  7. Attach the XML and materials mapping template to the Material Mappings configuration document, and check in and sign off the Material Mappings configuration document in the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client.