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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2017)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration
2017 (5.0)
2016 (6.0)

Smart Construction delivers the following example users: SPC Viewer, SPC Planner, and SPC Administrator.

You can load the example Smart Construction users with the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client Loader. Browse to the 004-Users folder located in the Smart Construction installation location. For example, navigate to [Drive]:\Program Files (x86)\SmartConstruction\2017\LoadFiles\004-Users.



SPC Viewer

Smart Construction Viewer

SPC Planner

Smart Construction Planner

SPC Admin

Smart Construction Administrator

The role assignment links a user to a role in a given configuration.

In order to use the software, the following conditions must be met concerning user accounts:

  • To use the Smart Construction client, all users must be assigned the SmartPlant Foundation Viewer role.

  • To use Smart Construction OnSite, users must meet following requirements:

    • A password must be set for the user, and it cannot be blank.

    • The user must be assigned the SmartPlant Foundation Viewer role.

    • The user must be assigned a construction responsibility.

      For more information on associating Smart Construction users with their area of construction responsibility, see Associate Smart Construction users with a construction responsibility.

You can load the users when you set up and configure your Smart Construction project. You do not need to reload the users during a Smart Construction upgrade.

For more information about role creation, assignments, and configuration, see User and role assignment configuration. For more information on configuring users, see Create login users.