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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2017)

Intergraph Smart Construction
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2017 (5.0)
2016 (6.0)

Mapping is required to retrieve documents into the Smart Construction domain. Mapping helps define properties and data that will be retrieved into Smart Construction from the publishing tool.

Tools, such as Smart 3D, can publish documents to the SmartPlant Foundation data warehouse. The data warehouse can be configured with a Smart Construction server and project. After tools publish to the data warehouse, documents can be retrieved into the Smart Construction domain.

Before you retrieve documents into Smart Construction, administrators can check out and edit the SPCRetrieveMappings.xlsm file to map properties and data related to the documents between the publishing tool and Smart Construction. After mapping properties in the SPCRetrieveMappings.xlsm workbook, administrators can then generate an XML file from the SPCRetrieveMappings.xlsm that is used to map properties during retrieve.

During a retrieve operation, Smart Construction gets the view files and data files associated with the published document that is being retrieved. The data files contain engineering data exposed by various 3D models and 2D drawings generated by the various Intergraph engineering tools. These data files contain the component list and relationships you see in the engineering tools, as well as Smart Construction.

For more information, see Smart Construction Customization.