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Smart Construction uses column sets and column items in much the same way as the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client; however, there are two differences in how column items are defined in Smart Construction and the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client.

In SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client column sets, the property value defined is the property definition unique identifier (UID). In Smart Construction, the property value is the property defined in the code for each row in the list. Administrators can configure column items to display custom properties or navigate edge and relationship definitions. For more information, see Create a new column item for a column set and Syntax to navigate relationship and edge definitions for Smart Construction column items. For information on creating custom column items, see Create Custom Column Items for a Components List Column Set.

Administrators can define a data template in the Data Template column or a cell style in the Cell Style column to specify how the cell in the column set is to behave. Administrators can define one or the other, not both. If a data template is not specified, the column item uses the default data template - read-only text. For example, the SPC_ComponentListComplete column item has the QtyCompleteCellTemplate data template defined, which defines the Complete option on the Components list.