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Intergraph Smart Construction Administration and Configuration (2017)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration
2017 (5.0)
2016 (6.0)

  • You must attach the SP Material Mappings.xlsm workbook and XML file to the Material Mappings configuration document located in the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client. The SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client stores the document, allowing users with the proper permissions to check the document out and in with revisions.

  • Set your Create scope in the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client to the configuration top when attaching files to a Smart Construction configuration document.

  1. Click Smart Construction > Find > Administration > Configuration Documents to open the Query for Configuration Documents dialog box.

  2. Type your search criteria and click Finish to find the configuration documents.

  3. In the search results, right-click the Material Mappings document and select Files > Attach File to open the Attach File dialog box.

  4. Click Add File and browse to the SP Material Mappings.xlsm workbook and SP Material Mappings.xml file.

    The files are delivered by default to [drive]:\Program Files (x86)\SmartConstruction\2017\Templates\Material Mappings.

  5. Click Open, and then click OK to add the files to the list.

  6. Click Finish.