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Intergraph Smart 3D Material Handling

Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

The Place Along tab of Place Belt Components Dialog defines placement information for modules.


Part Class

Specifies the module category.

Part Name

Specifies the part within the selected part class.

Placement Parameters


Specifies the quantity of module segments to place.


Specifies the offset of the first module from the start point defined in Selection Mode. If you want the first module to be on the start point, use an offset of 0.


Specifies the distance between each module segment. The default value is set by the module selected in the Name box. You usually do not change this value.

Idler Height

Specifies the height of idlers being used with the belt, as defined using Place Belt Components in 3D Command . The module is offset from the belt by this height.


Places part symbols on the data layer.

Go is unavailable until a start point is selected in Selection Mode.

Initial Position and Direction

Belt segment endpoint

Select one of the belt arc or line segments. The closest end on the selected segment is the start point.

Smartmouse point

Specifies a point on the belt profile using Sketch 2D relationships. For example, this is useful for selecting the intersection of the belt with construction geometry. See Draw with Relationships in SmartSketch Drawing Editor Help.

Left to right

Places symbols from left to right in the drawing view, starting at the point selected in Selection Mode.

Right to left

Places symbols from right to left in the drawing view, starting at the point selected in Selection Mode.