Create control points at grid intersections - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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  1. If needed, create a new generic system in the Systems and Specifications task. For more information, see New Generic System Command.

  2. In the Grids task, create the needed grid planes and grid lines. For more information, see the Grids Help.


  3. In the Material Handling task, click Create Control Points on the vertical toolbar.

  4. In the Workspace Explorer, select a generic system as the parent system.

    The parent system can be any generic system.

  5. Set the Type to Control Point.

  6. Set the Subtype to Structure.

  7. Type a value for Name Prefix.

  8. In the Constraint list, select Grid Line Intersection.

  9. Click the intersection of any two grid lines in the graphic view to create the control point.

    The control point appears in the graphic view and in the Workspace Explorer.

  10. Continue clicking at grid intersections to place as many control points as needed.


  11. Right-click in the graphic view to exit the command.

  • A control point is not created if you click a location that is not a grid intersection.

  • Before placing a control point, you can change the parent system at any time by selecting a new generic system in the Workspace Explorer.