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Intergraph Smart 3D Material Handling

Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)


Displays the name of the object.

Relation Type

Displays the relation that the object has to the belt:


The object x-axis is tangent to the direction of the belt.


The object x-axis is angled based on the horizontal direction of the belt. The angle value is defined by Angle.

Arc center

The object is a pulley, or an object such as a head or tail frame that should be aligned with a pulley axis. The angle of the placed object is defined by Angle.

Relation Flags

Defines the position of the object to the belt:

Outer surface

The object is attached to the outside surface of the belt.

Z upwards

The object z-axis is upwards, preventing the object from being placed upside-down on the belt.

Offset upwards

The object offset is upwards.

Reverse direction

The object is a return idler.


Defines the distance between two reference points on the belt. Each reference point represents a pulley on the belt. A negative value represents the distance from the end reference point.


Defines the distance from the object to the belt. For the carry sections of the belt, the object is offset in an upward direction from the belt. For the return sections of the belt, the object is offset in a downward direction from the belt.


Defines the angle of rotation of the object to the belt. This angle is counter-clockwise.


Applies the values to the object.


Applies the values to the object and closes the dialog.


Discards any changes that have not yet been finalized by clicking OK.


Closes the dialog.