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  1. Locate the appropriate chute.

  2. Click Tools > Modify Thickness Direction Command.

  3. Click Named Views , and then select Top to change the perspective angle of the view, so that you are looking down at the model.

  4. Click near the center of the chute.

    The software places a green point as shown in the following graphic.

  5. In the Workspace Explorer, select the corresponding plate systems of the chute.

  6. Click Finish.

    On the Molded Conventions tab (Chute Plate System Properties dialog box), you can observe that the plate Thickness Direction and Primary Orientation have been modified to With Normal or Opposite Normal. For more information see, Molded Conventions Tab (Chute Plate System Properties Dialog Box).

  • This command is applicable only for general plates.

  • The change in thickness direction of the plate is outwards from the center of the chute.