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2019 (10.0)

Repositions equipment by rotating along a universal axis defined for the model view as well as an occurrence axis unique to the equipment itself. You can either select an object to rotate and then select the command, or select the command and then select the object to rotate. You can rotate equipment at any time.

By defining Angle and Step values, very precise rotations are possible. The axis of rotation is one of the axes of the current PinPoint coordinate system, one of the equipment's local coordinate system axes, a foundation port axis, or a nozzle axis. You can either type a value in the Angle box to define the rotation, or you can drag around the axis of rotation. This action causes the object to rotate dynamically about the axis, with a corresponding dynamic update of the Angle box. When rotating an object, you can also specify a Step value that represents the incremental angle value used by the software in rotating the piece of equipment.

When you select the Rotate Equipment command, the software displays the coordinate system of the selected equipment object and highlights the active axis, as shown in the accompanying graphic.

If you placed the equipment with a mate relationship to a surface, you can only rotate the equipment about the axis that is normal to the surface. When you start the command, the software selects this axis by default. If the equipment has more than one constraint, you cannot rotate it. The default point of rotation is the first foundation port of the equipment. If no foundation port exists, the origin becomes the default point of rotation.

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