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2019 (10.0)

Specifies any equipment component from the Equipment Components folder of the catalog, and places an occurrence of that component in the model. You can modify the offset of the component, its relationships to other equipment, and other properties during or after placement. Using positioning relationships, the Place Equipment Component command allows you to mate, connect, or align equipment components, and you can use common tools like the PinPoint command for precise positioning of the component.

Equipment components represent a sub-portion of an equipment item. For example, you could place a storage tank with support lugs and a platform. The support lugs, tank body, and platform are all considered components of a final functional tank.

Components can be a purchased item that is represented in the catalog as a standard component (such as a tank), or they can be built up of many different shapes and other components (such as an equipment platform). You can place components from a catalog as children of a designed equipment item, but you cannot place them as a child of another equipment component.

You place equipment components into the model by selecting the equipment component part from the Select Equipment dialog box and positioning the equipment component in the model using the available relationships.

Place Equipment Component Ribbon

Select Equipment Dialog Box