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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

Sets options for placing shapes defined by a path and the cross-section projected along the path.

Shape Properties

Displays the Prismatic Shape Properties Dialog, on which you can set properties for the shape that you need to place.


Displays the Create Path Ribbon, which defines the path along which the cross-section is projected. See Creating Customized Shapes.


Sets properties for the cross-section. If one of the standard cross-section types is selected in the Cross-Section Type box, this button is unavailable. If you select Sketch as the cross-section type, this button displays the Create Path ribbon to allow you to sketch the two-dimensional cross-section. The Cross-Section button is only available after you define a path for the volume or when you select User Defined for Cardinality. See Creating Customized Shapes.


Places the shape along the path specified with the specified cross-section.

Cross-Section Type

Specifies the type of cross-section to project along the specified path. You can either select a standard cross-section defined in the reference data, or you can sketch your own custom cross-section.

Relationship List

Lists all relationships for the selected shape and provides an option for creating a new relationship if the object is not already fully constrained. An object is fully constrained when it has sufficiently defined relationships to prevent movement or rotation of the object along all three coordinate axes.

Positioning Relationships

Displays the available options for types of Positioning Relationships: Mate, Align, and Connect. Some options may not be available for all shape types.

Delete Relationship

Removes the selected relationship from the model. Using the Relationships List box, select a previously existing relationship for the shape, and click Delete Relationship. You can use this command only when modifying existing designed equipment. This control is available only after a shape has been added to the designed equipment.

Shape Reference

Prompts you for the face of the shape to be placed that will be affected by the positioning relationship. In all cases, the part that you select in this step moves to create the relationship, and the part chosen in the Second Part Reference step remains fixed. This control is available only after a shape has been added to the designed equipment.

Second Part Reference

Prompts you for the reference on the shape object already in the model that will be affected by the positioning relationship. After you select the reference, the software repositions the first shape part chosen with respect to the second part selected in the definition of the relationship.


Defines the offset distance for a mate or align relationship. Offsets are disabled when establishing a connect relationship. You can adjust this value after initial placement if needed. This control is available only after a shape has been added to the designed equipment.


Displays the shape name, as dictated by your predefined name rules, and accepts changes to that name.


Specifies the designed equipment object with which to associate the selected shape.