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12 (2018)

The ElectricalTranslationMap.xls delivered in the [Product Folder]\Smart3D\3DRefData\SharedContent\Data\Translators\PDSS3DImport\ConfigurationFiles folder maps electrical XML file attribute tags to the correct Smart 3D properties.

The CableTraySpec and ConduitSpec sheets map specification names between the XML file and Smart 3D. For more information, see CableTraySpec and ConduitSpec.

The Generic-ItemCode-Map sheet serves as a generic map between a given ItemCode (AABBCC code in PDS) to Smart 3D short Code/Tag. Ideally, all short codes should be kept common across specs. For more information, see Generic-ItemCode-Map.

The Spec-Specific-ItemCode-Map sheet serves as a specific overriding map per spec (above the Generic map) between a given ItemCode (AABBCC code in PDS) to Smart 3D short code/Tag. This is only to be used if some spec has a different short codes used on Smart 3D side, different than the generic mapping the Generic-ItemCode-Map sheet provides. For more information, see Spec-Specific-ItemCode-Map.

The CableTrayUA, CableTrayFittingUA, CableTrayFittingPortUA, CableTrayStraightUA, CableTrayStraightPortUA, ConduitRunUA, ConduitRunFittingUA, ConduitRunFittingPortUA, ConduitRunStraightUA, and ConduitRunStraightPortUA sheets are used to map user attributes specified in the XML file to user attributes under the respective elements. For more information, see Electrical User Attribute Sheets.

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