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12 (2018)

The Spec-Specific-ItemCode-Map sheet of the ElectricalTranslationMap.xls workbook is a specific overriding map per conduit specifications (above the Generic map) between a given ItemCode (AABBCC code in PDS) to Smart 3D ShortCode/Tag. This is only to be used if some conduit specification has a different ShortCodes used on Smart 3D side, different than the generic mapping the Generic-ItemCode-Map sheet provides. For more information, see Generic-ItemCode-Map.

Conduit Spec - Enter the conduit specification name for which you want to define an override.

Component ItemCode - Enter the PDS commodity name to override. This commodity name must already be in the Gneric-ItemCode-Map sheet.

S3D Short Code - Enter the corresponding short code that is available in the conduit specification.

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