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12 (2018)

Input Folder/XML File

Specifies the PDS .xml file to import. Click ... next to the field to browse to the file. If you select the parent folder, Smart 3D imports all of the .xml files in that folder.

You select any PDS .xml file. The software selects the corresponding mapping file based on the discipline and imports in the following order:

  1. Import Equipment

  2. Import Piping

  3. Import HVAC

  4. Import Electrical

Mapping File

Specifies the .xls mapping workbook. Click ... next to the field to browse to the file.

Log File

Specifies the name and location of the log file. Click ... next to the field to browse to the file.

Customize Input XML File

Click to import only the items that you specify. Clear to import all of the items. To specify a subset of items to import, click Customize.

Output XML File

Specifies the .xml file to which the software writes the output. This file is also used for a selective import.


Imports the .xml file as specified without closing the dialog box.


Displays a dialog box that shows the available items to import from the .xml file. Select the items to import, and then click OK.

The following items might display, depending on the contents of the .xml file:


Selectable Items


Pipelines and associated pipe runs. You can select only pipelines.


Designed equipment and catalog equipment.


Duct runs.


Cableways and conduit runs.

Only items that have a name in the .xml file are available for selection. Smart 3D does not import items without names through customization. If none of the items the .xml file have names, then you cannot import them selectively. In this situation, the software displays a message telling you that there are no items to customize. You could import all of these items using the Import option.


Cancels the operation.

View Log

Displays the log file as defined in the Log File box.