Place a conveyor belt using Sketch 2D - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Material Handling

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Intergraph Smart 3D
  1. In the Material Handling task, click Place Conveyor Belt on the vertical toolbar.

    The Place Conveyor Belt ribbon displays with the Select Coordinate System command activated.

  2. Select the plant coordinate system to associate with the conveyor belt from the Workspace Explorer.

    You must select a plant coordinate system. Ship coordinate systems are not accepted for conveyor belt creation.

    The software prompts you to select a path option.

  3. Click Path by Sketch 2D .

  4. Specify the parent object for the conveyor belt in the Select Parent box.

  5. Specify the belt designation for the conveyor belt in the Belt Designation box.

  6. Specify the conveyor belt dimensions in the Belt Width and Belt Thickness boxes.

  7. Click Add Intersecting Item , and select any intersecting items you need in Sketch 2D.

  8. Click Sketch 2D .

    Sketch 2D opens and displays the selected objects.

    For overland conveyor belts:

    • The Profile tab displays the model in the X-Z plane.

    • The Run tab displays the model in the X-Y plane.

    • The Profile and Run sheets must both pass through the origin (0,0).

  9. Create the belt profile and run using the drawing commands in Sketch 2D, or by pasting the profile geometry from an external SmartSketch file.

  10. Click Finish in Sketch 2D.

  11. Click Finish on the Place Conveyor Belt ribbon.

    The conveyor belt displays in the model.