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  1. Click Place Trestle on the vertical toolbar.

    The Place Trestle ribbon appears.

  2. Select a belt profile, either from the Workspace Explorer or from the graphic view.

  3. Click Select Symbol File .

    The Review dialog box appears.

  4. Select the symbol file for the trestle to modify, and then click OK.

  5. Click Sketch2D .

    The Sketch 2D environment displays.

  6. Fit the view so that all of your projected items display.

  7. Add the MHPlace2DTrestle.ocx custom command to the toolbar if it does not already display.

  8. Click Place 2D Trestle .

    The Place 2D Trestles dialog box displays.

  9. Set up the parameters as required. For more information, see Place 2D Trestles Dialog Box.

    The software prompts you to pick the first point.

  10. Select the top point for the trestle.

    The software prompts you to pick the second point.

  11. Select the bottom point for the trestle.

  12. Continue to define the parameters and points for the trestle parts.

  13. Click Finish in the Sketch 2D environment.

    The software returns to the model, and highlights the trestles.

  14. Click Finish on the Place Trestle ribbon.

    The software updates the trestle in the model.