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Intergraph Smart 3D
12 (2018)

In Unequal Spacing mode, the number of openings placed on the selected flange or plate is determined by the values you specify for the Along Length distances and the defined spacing details.

  1. Click Place Fastener Openings Command on the vertical toolbar to open the Place Fastener Openings Dialog Box.

  2. Specify the Fastener Type. You can use the following techniques:

  3. Define Start and End values for Along Length and Along Width.

  4. Under Mode, select Unequal Spacing.

  5. Define values for Start Setout Spacing, End Setout Spacing, and Intermediate Spacing.

  6. Optionally, click Preview to view a diagram that illustrates the placement of the openings.

  7. In the graphic view, select two to four objects on which you want to place fastener openings. You can select plates, members, profiles, and edge reinforcements.

    • You can select any combination of objects, but only one member can be selected.

    • Selections must be made using the graphic view. You cannot select using the Workspace Explorer.

    • For profiles and edge reinforcements, you must select the detailed part.

  8. Click Preview to display a preview of the selected fastener openings.

    Click Undo to clear the preview, and then change any values on the dialog box. Reselect the objects on which you want to place fastener openings, and then click Preview.

  9. Click Apply or OK.

    The software creates the required fastener openings.

    The example below shows the fastener openings as placed on the flange.

    If you delete or modify the fastener opening on a stiffener or ER profile, then the corresponding fastener opening on the second profile also must be deleted or modified. This prevents any inaccuracies in the reports for the number of fasteners.