Define database system information - SmartPlant Foundation - 2019 (10.0) - Installation & Upgrade

Distributed Server Setup for SmartPlant Foundation

SmartPlant Foundation
Installation & Upgrade
2019 (10.0)
  1. In the Database type box, select Oracle or SQL Server. The required information on the Database System page varies according to your selection.

  2. Enter the following information, depending on the selection made in the Database Type box:

    • Oracle - In the Oracle alias box, type the Oracle Net alias to the server that hosts this server (for example, the name of the database instance that contains the tablespace being created here).

    • SQL Server - In the site Database server box, type the name of the Microsoft database server that hosts the database being created here.

      To create a new Oracle tablespace or a new SQL Server physical database file and log file using the delivered dump file, clear the Use existing database option, and enter the following information:

    • In the System user box, type the name of the Oracle or SQL Server system user who has privileges to create users. (If using a SQL Server database, you can select the Use Windows authentication option to use the credentials of the logged in user, instead of supplying a system user to connect to SQL Server.)

    • Type the System password.

      If you want to use an existing database, select the Use existing database option.

  3. Click Next. The wizard tests the database connection using the supplied credentials. If the test succeeds, the Data Schema page appears. If it fails, an error message appears.

    If you are using Oracle, refer to Create an Oracle database. If you are using SQL Server, refer to Create a SQL Server database.