Restrict license server site access to registered users - SmartPlant Foundation - 2019 (10.0) - Installation & Upgrade

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SmartPlant Foundation
Installation & Upgrade
2019 (10.0)

Anonymous authentication gives users access to the content of your server site without prompting them for a user name or password. This is the default site setting for the license server on installation.

You can disable anonymous authentication on the license server site when you are using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to restrict access to only registered users that have a name and password.

You must enable Windows Authentication on the license server before you can enable it for a site. For more information, see Configure integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) for the license server.

  1. Open IIS, and click on the name of the license server virtual directory.

  2. Open the Authentication feature for the web site.

  3. Select Windows Authentication, and click Enabled.

  4. Select Anonymous Authentication, and click Disabled.

  5. Reset IIS on the server.