Define server information - SmartPlant Foundation - 2019 (10.0) - Installation & Upgrade

Distributed Server Setup for SmartPlant Foundation

SmartPlant Foundation
Installation & Upgrade
2019 (10.0)
  1. In the Server Information page, type the new License server virtual directory name and License server virtual directory path.

  2. Click Next.

    • The Create local operating system users for site application pools option is selected by default, and it creates local users on the operating system, sets them to run as the identity of the related application pool, sets permissions for the users, and adds the local user to the SPFUsers group. If you prefer to perform this process manually, do not select that option. For manual setup instructions, see Set up IIS Application Pools and User Accounts Manually.

    • Do not use special characters in the virtual directory name. Special characters cause errors if used.

    • Server names should not exceed 20 characters. If you allow the wizard to create local users for the license server application pools, your server name should not exceed 20 characters. The wizard uses the license server name for the user name and Windows local user names cannot exceed 20 characters.

    • The wizard creates an application pool with the same name as the virtual directory value.