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Eden is a high-level symbol definition language (modeled after the FORTRAN programming language) that allows you to design your own symbols for hvac fittings and devices.

You do not need a programming background to write Eden programs. However, you should be familiar with a standard ASCII editor like Notepad or PFE. You can write Eden code using whatever case conventions make it easiest for you to read.

Eden provides drawing commands called primitives. Primitives allow you to construct complex symbols by using a combination of simple commands (place_line, draw_arc, and so on).

For additional information about the Eden symbol language, see the PDS Eden Interface Reference Guide.

See the following sections for additional information.

Differences Between the PE-HVAC and Equipment Modeling Eden Interfaces

PE-HVAC Place Points

HVAC Symbol Types

Global Variable Data Setup

PE-HVAC Global Variables

PE-HVAC Keywords

Enhancements to Existing Eden Routines