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Project Engineer HVAC Help


The Main > Drawing commands extract construction drawings from your modeled design, change the symbology for overlapping ducts, and label HVAC components in the model.


Extract Drawing displays a projected 2-D image of your modeled design at a specified elevation in your design file. This command resymbolizes PE-HVAC elements so that they are more consistent with construction document practices. PE-HVAC creates the image within the design file, unlike VHL which creates a separate file. See Extract Drawing for more information.

Cleanup Overlaps changes the symbology for overlapping segments of projected ducts one intersection at a time. This command operates on the extracted drawing produced with the Extract Drawings command. See Cleanup Overlaps for more information.

Label labels HVAC components in the design file. See Label, for more information.

VHL Drawing invokes the Vector Hidden Line option, which allows you to write a 2-D reproduction of the design model to a separate file. In this 2-D file you can show all visible edges and display all hidden lines using your own symbology. See VHL Drawing for more information.