Leader Line (Text) - PDS - 2011 R1 - Help

Project Engineer HVAC Help


The Leader Line (Text) command places text with a margin line and a leader line on a drawing.

The hvac[_m].cel library is located in the support directory.

You are prompted to select a terminator. Key in the name of a terminator cell you have created with MicroStation, or key in one of the terminator names shown below.

Next, enter the text. You can key in up to 40 characters per line. Press ENTER after each line to enter multiple lines of text. Place a data point to indicate the origin for the text.

The margin line is placed on the right or left side of the text, based on the placement angle. From -68 to 113 degrees, the margin line is placed on the right side of the text. From 114 to 292 degrees, the margin line is placed on the left side of the text.

You can either key in the placement angle for the text, place a data point that, together with the origin point, defines an angle, or press <R> to accept the displayed angle.

Next, you are prompted to define the reference line. Place data points to define leader line segments. Press <R> when the line definition is complete.