Cleanup Overlaps - PDS - 2011 R1 - Help

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The Cleanup Overlaps command reprocesses the graphic representation of two overlapping ducts in a 2-D projected drawing.

This command is useful when you find it necessary to route ducts after using the Extract Drawing command. Although new ducts may intersect with existing ducts, because they were not all projected at the same time the projected symbology does not reflect the overlapping area. In this case, PE-HVAC provides a Cleanup Overlaps command which allows you to clean up the intersection between two specified duct routes. See Extract Drawing for more information.

To operate the command, identify and accept two overlapping ducts. You can continue cleaning up as many intersections as you want, or you can select another command to exit this one.

Projected drawing symbology is controlled by the Projected COMPONENT Symbology area of the hv_symb.txt or hv_symbm.txt file.

Before Using This Command

Each duct in the intersection must have been projected using the Extract Drawing command. See Extract Drawing for more information.