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Plant Design System (PDS) Reference Data Auditing Tool


The PDS Reference Data Auditing Tool utility allows PDS users to audit and report the discrepancies between the active project reference database and an archived dataset. The utility can transfer data over an FTP connection, so that the project database and archive dataset can reside at different PDS project sites. The utility can also be used to maintain data integrity among models and drawings at different workshare sites.

Because of the amount of reference data processed during an audit, the Audit Tool utility performs the audit and file transfer operations in batch mode. You can run these batch operations immediately or schedule them to run at a later time.

The Audit Tool utility stores audit parameters in configuration files, which allow users to perform periodic audits without repeating audit setup for each run. It also stores the results of the audits in report files, which can be viewed, filtered, emailed, or printed from within the utility interface.

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