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Full-Text Retrieval (FTR) Help

Full-Text Retrieval (FTR)
2019 (10.0)

The FTR Administrator can add keyword, or logical, indexing for the collection. Keyword indexing allows users to add additional keywords to the FTR index that are not physically located in the object being created. For example, you may want to add the project name as a keyword even though the project name does not appear in the file.

Changing Auto Indexing Settings

To add keywords, the FTRAutoIndexMode constant must be changed to specify interactive (int) so that a dialog box displays for entering the keywords and associating them with the new object. After the keywords are added and FTR is being used in production mode, change the constant to non- interactive (non) so that the dialog box does not display.

The FTR Administrator must edit the FTRAutoIndexMode constants in the site.cfg file in the %MTI_ROOT%\config folder, or the FTR Administrator must edit the FTR Model file %MTI_ROOT%\meta\ftr\srcftr.prd and rebuild the data model (tmti.prd). The settings in site.cfg override the settings in srcftr.prd, but the settings in srcftr.prd allow setting on a per-class basis.

For site.dfg, the necessary FTR constants are near the bottom of the file. For the FTRAutoIndexModeCre (create collection) line, uncomment the line (remove the # sign) and change the setting from “off” to “int” as shown here:

As delivered:

# set FTRAutoIndexModeCreC    “off”;

Change to:

set FTRAutoIndexModeCreC    “int”;

For the Model file srcftr.prd, open the file in a text editor and search for the string FTRAutoIndexMode. These constants can be set by class and function. For example,



For more information about modifying the data model, see the Directa Customization Guide.

Once any changes are made and saved, the model command must be run to update tmti.prd:

From %MTI_ROOT% execute “model –b tmti.prd

There are three possible settings for FTRAutoIndexMode constants:

  • off – auto index is turned off

  • int – auto index is set to interactive

  • non – auto index is set to non- interactive