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2019 (10.0)

This workflow demonstrates the ability to place a dimensioned label on a marine mode Steel Order drawing by placing a dimension-like label on two edges of a plate. For more information on dimensioned labels, see Dimensioned Label Command.

  1. Right-click a Steel Order drawing, and click Edit on the shortcut menu. The drawing opens in SmartSketch Drawing Editor.

  2. On the toolbar, click Place a Label .

  3. Use the Object Filter to enable only Plate Parts for selection.

  4. In the Label Name drop-down menu, select the Block Parent label from the delivered Steel Order folder.

    To pick from a hierarchical list, select More.

  5. Select the Distance Between dimension label command from the drop-down menu. The dimensioned label ribbon displays.

  6. Select the edge of a plate that you want to label.

    The first selected object is labeled, not the second.

  7. Select a second edge. For example, select the opposite edge of the plate you selected.

    The second point only determines how long the dimension line will be.

  8. After selecting the second object, the correct label will display.

    You can use custom dimension styles when placing dimension-like labels. For more information, see Dimension Paper Space Objects for 3D Drawings in the SmartSketch Drawing Editor User's Guide.

  9. Continue placing labels on the drawing if necessary.

  10. Right-click to end the command.

  11. Save your changes before exiting SmartSketch Drawing Editor.

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