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2019 (10.0)

You can import isometric drawing style data from a style XML file directly through Isogen Configuration. The Import command provides a lot of flexibility for importing style data. For example, you can choose to import the entire contents or only a portion, or fragment, of an isometric drawing style file into the current style file. The ability to import fragments of existing styles makes it easy to move around specific drawing properties between isometric drawing style files without the need to create a new .xml file from scratch. Plus, imported style settings are available immediately in the software.

A style fragment specifies a group of properties that you can set or a collection of options that define the columns of a report, such as the user-defined cut list (Cut Pieces.Drawing Cut List.User Defined Columns).

  1. Select an isometric drawing style, and then open Isogen Configuration.

  2. Click the Isogen Configuration menu, and then select Import.

  3. Browse to the style file, and then click Open.

    The software opens the Import Options from Style dialog box and displays the properties and style settings contained in the selected .xml file.

    Alternatively, you can browse to and select a style fragment .xml file. In which case, the software bypasses the dialog box and imports the entire style fragment.

  4. Use the dialog box options to control the display of the file contents in the dialog box and to specify the properties and settings to import. For example, to view report definitions, select All Reports. For more information about the dialog box options, see Import Options from Style Dialog Box.

  5. Click OK to import the selected style data.

    Isogen Configuration reads the content of the style .xml file and applies the specified drawing style properties, Alternative Text settings, and report definitions to the active isometric drawing style. When the import is complete, the software displays a status message at the top of the Preview window.

  6. Click to update the isometric style file with the selected properties and settings.

  7. Update the drawing to see the new applied styles.

If a style fragment file with the same name and with an .xml extension exists in the same folder as a template file, Isogen automatically loads it. This allows you to set properties specific to the template .xml file, such as margins and list locations.