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2019 (10.0)

When you create a Piping isometric document that uses the Iso_Stress style, the software does not create drawings. Instead it creates the data necessary for a Piping Component File (PCF). You can then output the PCF to the CAESAR II pipe stress analysis software.

To retrieve the PCF data, you use the Save As command.

  1. Right-click the Piping Isometric document that uses the Iso_Stress style and select Save As. The Save As dialog box displays.

  2. Specify the Output Folder Rule to be used. You can save the item as it displays in the Console, with its parent folder appended or with the entire model hierarchy appended.

  3. Specify the File Already Exists Action to be used. This determines how you save the file if it has the same name of an existing file. Select Overwrite to replace the existing file, or select Save As filename (n) to save the file separately.

  4. Specify the Output Folder location. Click Browse to display a dialog box to locate the appropriate folder location.

  5. Check the Isometric Drawings component type. You can select multiple component types. For more information, see Save As Dialog Box.

  6. In the Target File Type list for the Isometric Drawing component type, select PCF File (.pcf).

  7. Click OK to save the files as specified.

    The PCF file is saved to the location you specified, ready for use in stress analysis.

  • The saved drawings retain the same names they had in this task.

  • You can also view the PCF data with the View Extraction Data command. For more information, see View Isogen isometric extraction data.

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