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2019 (10.0)

Helps you troubleshoot extraction errors by displaying part and report information for a line that has been processed. You can view the log file and Piping Component File (PCF) data for the extraction. If you have customized the style to produce report files such as the neutral file and cut pipe list, you can view those files directly in the Extraction Data dialog box. If you have overridden any style settings for an Isogen isometric drawing, you can view the style fragment data in the Extraction Data dialog box as well. For more information about overriding style options, see Option Override (Isogen Isometric Drawing Shortcut Menu).

This command is available on the shortcut menu by right-clicking a line or isometric drawing in the tree view or list view.

Saving Extraction Data to File

If you need to review the data in more detail or the extraction data files are too large to view in the Extraction Data dialog box, you can right-click the isometric drawing document, and then select Save As to save the extraction information to a file. On the Save As dialog box, select the Isometric Drawings component type, then specify All Files in the Target File Type list to save all of the extraction data files. You can also specify individual files. For example, specify the Target File Type as PCF File to only save the PCF file information. For more information, see Save As Command.

You can also save the original extracted PCF that is generated from Smart 3D in addition to the final PCF. Use the Drawing Manager > Pre and Post Processors > Settings > Pre-processor option to configure an Isogen preprocessor. After updating the drawing, when you use Save As with the All Files option selected, the original extracted PCF file from Smart 3D is saved as <filename>-extracted-pcf in addition to the final PCF supplied to Isogen. For example, if the final PCF file name is My_Pipeline, then the extracted PCF is saved as My_Pipeline-extracted-pcf.

You must configure an Isogen preprocessor to store the extracted PCF. Otherwise, the software considers the final PCF as the extracted PCF.

Extraction Data Dialog Box

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