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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)

Tools > Collision Detection > Detect Collisions

Displays the Collision Detection dialog box and uses a collision detection set to create collision runs for a selected object or display set in the Main view.

Basic Workflow Summary

The workflow below describes the basic operation in running collision detection using the default collision set.

  1. Select an object or display set in the Main view.

  2. Click Tools > Collision Detection > Detect Collisions.

    The Detect Collision dialog box displays. For more information on the options, see Detect Collisions Dialog Box.

  3. Select the Default Collision Set, and then click Detect.

    Smart Review highlights the primary object or display set in the Main view. A collision run is generated and the number of collisions displays in the Total field.

General Operation Notes

  • When a collision is found, both the primary and secondary objects or display set have a wireframe box drawn around them. This helps you see all the colliding objects.

  • The Detect Collisions dialog box can be expanded to provide options for detecting and reporting collisions. For more information, see Define Detect and Report Options.

  • The default collision set provides a quick way to run collision detection on a selected item in your main view. To define a different collision detection behavior, you can either edit the default collision set or create a custom collision set specific to an object or display set. To use a custom collision set, see Create a Custom Collision Set.

  • To modify the default collision set or a custom collision set, see Create and Edit Collision Detection Sets.

  • You can stop the current, in-motion collision detection process by pressing ESC. Collision detection also stops when you close the Detect Collisions dialog box.

  • The collision run and individual collisions can be removed by selecting them and pressing DELETE.

  • When you close the Detect Collisions dialog box, the report collisions highlighted in the main view are removed.

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