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2020 (15.0)

You can unload .vue files from memory using the Load Vue Files command.

  1. Open the .svf project file.

  2. Select File > Load Vue Files.

  3. From the Load Vue Files dialog box, clear the files in the list to unload from memory.

  4. Use Memory and Total as guidelines in selecting the correct amount or number of files that can be unloaded. A negative value in Memory indicates that not all the selected files can be loaded.

  5. Click OK when you have finished.

    Because Memory is an estimated value, you still may not be able to load selected files, even if the value shows that there is enough available memory. If Smart Review is not able to load the selected files, a message displays indicating this. You can click Yes to return to the Load Vue Files dialog box and change your file selections, or click No to continue with Smart Review loading as many files as possible.

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