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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)
  • Command Line Arguments

Required Arguments:


Indicates batch mode and the utility does not show the Auto-Attach Correlator.


Specifies the full path to the Smart Review project (.vue, .svf, or .zvf) file to use.

Optional Arguments:


Specifies the folder containing the drawing (.sha or .pid) files to use. If you do not use this option, the utility defaults to use the selected project file folder location.


Specifies the full path to the required attachments database. If you do not use this option, the utility uses the project file folder location.


Specifies whether or not to use the absolute path for the attachments folder location.

1, T, t, Y, y = True/Yes; otherwise, the utility uses the relative path.

Relative paths cannot be used if the drawing attachments folder and project file are not on the same drive.


Specifies the property value criteria for the correlation. Otherwise, the utility uses Linkages as the criteria. Your project property data determines other label names available to be used as correlation criteria.

  • Workflow

  1. Run the utility with the "-b" (batch) command line option and the "-p" command line option to specify the full path name of the Smart Review project (.vue, .svf, or .zvf) file. Add other optional arguments to change the Attachments Database and Attachments Folder locations and specify the use of relative or absolute paths.

    Example: C:\Program Files\SmartPlant\Review\Utilities\SPRCorrelator\SPRCorrelator.exe -b -p "D:\Share\Data\Demo\2018_09\Outback\Outback.vue" -d "D:\Share\Data\Demo\2018_09\Outback\" -g "D:\Share\Data\Demo\2018_06\Outback\Outback-Attachments.mdb" -a 0 -c "System Path"

    The utility runs and returns exit codes indicating correlation, attachment results, and any error conditions.

  2. After the process finishes, start Smart Review:

    1. Open the project file, and then open object properties to see the attached drawing files. You can click on a drawing file to open it in the Document View.

    2. With Document and Main views open, you can select an object and see the correlated section in the 2D drawing, and vice versa. You can select a P&ID drawing pipe run object and the software automatically selects all 3D model pipe run objects in the Main view.

Exit Codes (Batch mode)

Exit codes specific to the utility are listed below.




Correlations have completed and drawings have been successfully attached.


No Smart 3D object IDs were found.


Correlations were found but they already exist in the specified external attachments database.


No correlations were found between the 2D and 3D files.


No drawing (.sha or .pid) files were found.


No label database (.mdb2) files were found for the 3D project file.

Recovery: Open the project file in Smart Review to generate a label database file from the available Smart 3D .xml file, and then run the utility.

2147500036 (E_ABORT)

An exit or cancelation out of the utility.

2147942405 (E_ACCESSDENIED)

Smart Review is not available.

Recovery: Run Smart Review and leave it running before running the utility.