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For more accurate display set motion, use the NumLock keypad controls to move or rotate a selected display set. The keypad always uses the motion rate set in the Motion > Settings > Rates tab.

  1. Click on the display set in the Project Manager or Main view to move.

  2. To make sure display set motion is enabled, click Motion > [Display Set Name].

  3. For precise movements, you can set the Move and Rotate in degrees. Click Motion > Settings > Rates tab. Type the Move rate, which defines forward and backward motion. For rotation, type in the Rotate in degrees rate which specifies the amount to move the view cone in one step.

    • The Auto adjust option in the Motion > Settings > Rates tab is not used for precision movement.

    • For keypad display set motion, only the View Independent direction mode is used.

  4. Press NumLock and then use the keys to move the display set. For information on the keypad directional controls, see Use the Keyboard.

  • If there is no display set selected, these keys will adjust the current eye point in the model.

  • Use the Edit > Select Filter > Select Settings command to change the color of the range box and the motion reference origin point. You can define how the display set range box displays by changing the Highlight settings such as the line width, line pattern, and color). Use the Select option to change the color of the motion reference origin point. For more information on selection and Highlight options, see Configure Highlight and Color Options.

  • Only the display set that is in motion is affected. All other elements are updated according to the active view settings. User settings are maintained and honored for all other updates.

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