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2020 (15.0)

Comments > Find

Displays the Find Comments dialog box, which allows you to search for comments that match the criteria you specify on the dialog box.

If the message Comment display is currently off displays, click Comments > Displays > All to view comments in the model.

  1. Open the Main view and Text view windows so that you can see the associated comment text.

  2. Click Comments > Find or select Find Comment on the Comments toolbar.

  3. Type the identifying information for the comments to locate.

    The matching comment displays on the Edit Comments Dialog Box.

  • Use an asterisk (*) to match multiple characters and a question mark (?) to match exactly one character. For example, the text search string *Huntsville* finds all comments containing the text string Huntsville in their text attribute.

  • You can use wildcard search characters in Text or Action attributes. All other query attributes search for exact matches.

  • The list of comments generated by a query is emptied if you import a comment or place a new comment. If you perform one of those actions, you must regenerate the query to rebuild the comment list.

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