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Intergraph Smart Review
2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)
  1. Click Tools > Collision Detection > Edit Collision Sets.

  2. Click the Type Filter tab.

  3. In the Collision set name box, select a name.
    Edit the Default Collision Set.

  4. Click the Sound tab.

  5. Select one or more of the options to assign sounds to collision types.

  6. For each selected option, click Browse to locate a .wav sound file.

  • If you assign a sound to Default and a sound to Intersecting, the Intersecting sound takes precedence and plays for intersecting collisions.

  • If the sound does not seem to be working, make sure the file is present on the system in an appropriate folder, and adjust the speaker volume. If there is still no sound, make sure the audio drivers are installed on the computer.

  • During a collision detection run, the software searches for sound files in the following standard locations: the current folder, the Windows folder, the Windows system folder, folders listed in the PATH environment variable, and the list of folders mapped in a network.

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