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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

Imports display sets by folder or by selecting individual display sets. After selecting the data file (.DST or .MDB) containing the display sets you want to import, the dialog box displays a list of all the display sets contained in that file.

If you import a subset of a display set folder, a corresponding folder is created in the current project database. If a corresponding folder already exists, then the imported display sets are merged with the folder's existing contents.

A DST file is a legacy format that is no longer used by Smart Review. However, display sets that are saved in a DST file can be imported into the active project database for use by Smart Review.

Database file name

Specifies the name of the existing display set file.


Goes to the data file containing the display sets you want to import.

From a single selected folder

Displays the individual display sets by folder. When this option is turned on, the Folder name list contains the display set folders in the database file.

Folder name

Sets the display set folder you want to import. This option is available only when the From a single selected folder check box is turned on.


Lists all the display sets that are available for import by ID.


Lists all the display sets that are available for import by name.


Imports the selected display sets without closing the dialog box.

Select All

Selects all of the display sets in the list.

Clear All

Clears the selection of display sets shown in the list.

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