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The Text Annotations (TXTANNO.exe) add-in allows you to place, edit, turn on and off, and delete 3D text annotations. You can also specify the position and color of the annotations and leader lines.

When exiting the software, your text annotations are deleted unless the Persist option is enabled. Set the Persist option before placement or when editing the text annotation.

You can further customize this add-in by using development tools and resources. See the API folder for programming resources and tools.

Text Annotation Display Order

The display ordering of text annotations is determined by their view depth or distance from the eye. As an example, the image below shows three text annotations. Their creation and placement order number was used in creating the name.

Move the view point around to the side and Text Annotation 1 displays on top.

Now change the view to the opposite side. Text Annotation 2 is shown on top.

Snapshots and High Resolution Printing

Text annotations scale automatically with the output image size for print-outs and snapshots. For information on printing, see Print Views. Snapshots taken with anti-alias values higher than 1 are automatically scaled so they appear in the snapshot as they do in the actual main view. For more information on snapshots, see Take a Snapshot.

  • To use the Snapshot functionality, you must install one of the following modules: Construction, API, Visual Effects, Photo-Realism, or On-site Drawing Generation.

  • The high-resolution printing options are available with the Photo-Realism module.

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