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2020 (15.0)

Animation > Playback/Capture Settings > Key Frame

Sets the behavior for playing the animation of view groups created with the Save and Recall Views command.

Follow the steps below to configure Key Frame animation settings.

  1. Click Animation > Playback/Capture Settings.
    Press ALT + 9.

  2. In the Common page:

    • Select Key Frame as the Animation types section.

    • Set the Step in days value for the amount of time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) per step or frame to run the animation.

    • Set Per seconds for the time spent going from frame to frame. The higher the Per seconds setting, the slower the playback speed.

      If you have Display Set or ScheduleReview animations to play at different times in addition to your Key Frame animation, click Set Extents to play all selected animation types. Set Extents does not change the defined length of the animation playback.

  3. Click the Key Frame page and set the following:

    • The View group to see in the playback. You can only have one Key Frame animation selected and running at one time.

    • Any Use Partial view settings to define the display for the playback. For more information, see Set Up Partial Key Frame Recall.

    • For Start frame, enter the frame number to start the animation, and for End, enter the frame number for the last frame in the animation. These settings help define the total animation length, which is calculated by the number of frames between the Start frame and End frame, and Step in Days. For example, a Starts on date of 6/11/2018 8:00:00 am with 60 total frames in the animation, and Step in Days is set to 1 step every 1 minute, then the end date for the animation is one hour from the start time: 6/11/2018 9:00:00 am.

    • Select the Starts on date to set the start time.

    • For Skip Interval, set the number of frames to skip over in the animation playback. The Skip Interval rate and the Per seconds setting defines the Key Frame animation playback speed. The higher the Skip Interval, the faster the animation can play, however, the playback quality is degraded.

  4. To record your animations and save them as static images or as an AVI file, click Record. Set options that define the playback size and display. See Record Settings for more information on recording options.

    You can also use the Snapshot command (View > Snapshot) to capture static raster images of the animation. See Take a Snapshot.

    Your settings are immediately applied.

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