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2019 (10.0)
2020 (15.0)

A Fit operation places all visible objects in the active view if no objects are currently selected. If any objects are selected, the command zooms to the selected elements. Because the display is adjusted independently of the current view orientation, the objects in that display area are not clipped when performing rotate operations.

Fit zooms or fits to any objects that were selected before running 3D navigation. 

In Smart Review, a Fit operation is a conditional fit, which means the software performs a fit based on the objects that are selected:

  • Fits to the selected object.

  • Fits to the whole model and any visible objects.

  1. Select one or more objects in the current view.

  2. Click Fit on the 3D Navigator.

    The system flies to the selected objects.

    • If no objects are selected, the system fits all objects into the current view.

    • You can also perform a SHIFT + Fit operation that enables you to view the entire selected object within the current window size. Any rotation operations later performed in that view do not clip the selected object.

  3. When you perform a Fit operation, you can continue selecting other objects as well as moving from the fitted location.