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Intergraph Smart Review
2020 (15.0)
  1. Select View > Settings > View, and then click the Display tab.

  2. To change the background color for a shaded mode display:

    1. Click Edit in the Shaded Background section, and then click a color.

    2. Click OK on the Colors dialog box, and then click Apply to see the new background color.

      The software changes the model background to the selected color.

      If a gradient background or environment image displays, the color changes are not visible. Go to View > Settings > Photo-Realism > Environment tab to turn off the gradient background and environment images.

  3. To change a wireframe background color, select Wireframe under Quality, and follow the same steps listed above.

  4. Click OK on the View Settings dialog box to save your changes and close.

You can also change the wireframe background color by clicking View > Display > Wireframe Background Color.